Management and Supervision Training Outside of California

 This course is NCP certified by IADLEST.

16 Class Hours - Tuition $250

This workshop is for commissioned and civilian law enforcement managers and supervisors at all levels, including corrections and probation personnel. This is also and excellent course for aspiring supervisors.

Poor performing and difficult employees can suck the life out of their supervisors and their organizations.

Let MCA give you the upper hand.

Our practical real world approaches to dealing with problem employees will give you a new perspective on your role as a supervisor or manager. We focus first on making disciplinary due process and performance evaluation easy to understand and then provide the interpersonal skills training you need to successfully take on problem employees. This is straight forward material without the gimmicks or touchy-feely approaches many other leadership courses propose.

Course Objectives

  • How to establish and assert your authority without infringing on employee rights
  • How to develop performance standards that clearly communicate your expectations
  • How to provide useful feedback and write objective, meaningful, performance evaluations
  • How to confront difficult and resistant employees without losing
  • How to recognize and handle the manipulations commonly used on supervisors
  • How to claim your right to a day's work for a day's pay

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