POST Team Building Retreats

We can customize team building activities to suit your agencies needs; however, we take a very pragmatic approach to team building. Other facilitators may focus helping the management team get along, but we focus on helping the management team get things done. We like to tackle organizational issues head on to develop clear initiatives with assigned responsibilities and firm deadlines. It's about performance and accountability, because we believe that is what moves organizations forward.

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California POST Certified Team Building Workshops

Workshop Costs are Reimbursable by POST

This workshop is used by command staff to deal with organizational issues and that can’t be addressed in the usual staff meeting format. We use a collaborative approach, to give the group an opportunity to come to grips with difficult and complex organizational issues. An experienced facilitator keeps the dialog on a constructive and productive track.

Early planning and communication with team members streamlines the process to ensure a productive workshop from initiation to closeout. Our clients leave these seminars with practical, clear-cut agreements and decisions that can be monitored and implemented.

The Workshop has three Phases:

  • A one-day preliminary site visit to interview all participants for issue-identification and diagnostic purposes. This input provides the agency head and facilitator with the information needed to plan a team building session that fits department’s needs.
  • A three-day facilitated team building session at an off site location. Here, organizational issues are discussed, analyzed and addressed.
  • A one-day follow-up session three to six months later is done to check on the progress made.

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