Shaping the Organizational Work Ethic

Command Staff Training Certified by California POST and STC

16 Class Hours - Tuition: $240

This course is for sworn or civilian command staff at the rank of Lieutenant (or equivalent) and higher.

The course is similar to our Assertive Supervision Workshop, but tackles the issues of performance management and accountability in the workplace from a management perspective.

This straight forward and practical material focuses on getting a days work for a days pay and appropriate behaviors from all of your employees. Participants examine their role in shaping the organizational work ethic making performance and accountability cornerstones of organizational culture.

NOTICE: Anyone who has attended the Assertive Supervision Workshop should wait at least three years before attending this course.

Course Objectives

  • How to develop performance standards that clearly communicate your expectations
  • How to provide useful feedback and write objective performance evaluations (this includes materials to help you evaluate your supervisors)
  • How to fine tune performance management systems
  • How to coach supervisors so they develop an accountability focus
  • How to recognize and handle the manipulations commonly used on supervisors and managers

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Dates Location Registration Course Flyer
April 29-30, 2019 Santa Ana, California
Hosted by the Santa Ana Police Department

Class Full